Plantation Memories, Episodes of Everyday Racism

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by Grada Kilomba

In her book, Grada Kilomba combines both academic writing and lyrical narrative creating a strong new literary style, which is as political and political (scholastic) as it is poetic and emotionally expressive. The book is based on a compilation of episodes of everyday racism written in the form of short psychoanalytical stories.

“‘Plantation Memories’ is a fervent, strong, and elaborated piece, which deconstructs the normality of racism, making visible what is often made invisible. From the question “Where do you come from?” to “How do you wash your hair?”, to the use of the N-word, the author exposes the violence of always being placed as the Other. The book is essential to anyone interested in Black studies, Post-colonial studies, Critical Whiteness, Gender studies and Psychoanalysis.” (Unrast Verlag)

Decolonizing European Sociology . Transdisciplinary Approaches

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Edited by Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez, University of Manchester, UK, Manuela Boatca, Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany and Sérgio Costa, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Decolonizing European Sociology builds on the work challenging the androcentric, colonial and ethnocentric perspectives eminent in mainstream European sociology by identifying and describing the processes at work in its current critical transformation. Divided into sections organized around themes like modernity, border epistemology, migration and ‘the South’, this book considers the self-definition and basic concepts of social sciences through an assessment of the new theoretical developments, such as postcolonial theory and subaltern studies, and whether they can be described as the decolonization of the discipline.

With contributions from a truly international team of leading social scientists, this volume constitutes a unique and tightly focused exploration of the challenges presented by the decolonization of the discipline of sociology.