Research Training Module: Interview

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Abril 2012:  18 miércoles y 19 jueves de 15 a 21h.

Workshop en inglés y castellano, impartido por:

Cornelia Sollfrank 

Kathrin Wildner

Workshop Description:

Research Training Module: Interview

Generally speaking, an interview is a method of questioning. Apart from journalism where the interview is an important tool for investigation as well as presentation of information, various forms of interview techniques are applied in science where interviews are traditionally used to collect data and to address particular research questions. Furthermore, interviews are steadily gaining popularity as a method of artistic expression and research.

The workshop gives an overview of the different uses of interview techniques and designs, depending on the particular contexts. The focus will be on the possible uses of the interview format within the art research context. Besides the theoretical overview, there will be practical/technical training along with presentations of examples. The participants are asked to bring along their own interviews or prepare relevant material that can be discussed and further developed within the workshop.

Knowledge Leaks offers research training modules specializing in the needs of art and design researchers. Each of the two-day workshops is run by at least two experienced professionals of different disciplinary backgrounds, and focuses on a different subject matter, starting with a general overview of research methods.

Workshop leaders:

Dra. Cornelia Sollfrank (artist), Dra. Kathrin Wildner (urban ethnographer).