The Movement of Ideas/Screening of all 15 films by Oliver Ressler

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“The Movement of Ideas” is the first comprehensive screening of all films by Oliver Ressler. Since 2000, Ressler has created 15 films, which all will be presented at Cinema Dynamo, a cinema space initiated by Andrea Bellini, the new director of the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, Switzerland.

 The philosopher Alain Badiou writes: “We have to overturn the old verdict that would have us believe we are living in the age of the ‘end of ideologies’. We can now see quite clearly that the only reality behind their so-called ‘end’ is ‘Save the banks’. Nothing could be more important than rediscovering the passion for ideas, or than contrasting the world as it is with a general hypothesis, with the certainty that we can create a very different order of things. We will contrast the wicked spectacle of capitalism with the real of peoples, with the lives of peoples and the movement of ideas.” (The Communist Hypothesis, 2010)

 “The Movement of Ideas” for the first time brings together all of Ressler’s films that focus on different social movements and struggles of people for a self-determined life. By merging the fields of art and activism, the works seek to discuss political ideas, support progressive social processes, project alternative ways of how to organize society and therefore contribute towards the needed systemic change.

April 9, 2013, 7:00 PM: Screening 1: Capitalist Economy
The Bull Laid Bear”, 24 min., 2012 (with Zanny Begg)
Robbery”, 1’31’’, 2012
The Fittest Survive”, 23 min., 2006
Socialism Failed, Capitalism is Bankrupt. What comes Next?”, 19 min., 2010

With an introduction to the film program by Oliver Ressler, followed by a conversation with Federica Martini

May 14, 2013: Screening 2: Democracy
What Is Democracy?”, 118 min., 2009, French version

June 18, 2013: Screening 3: Occupation
Take The Square”, 89 min., 2012

Screening 4: The Movement of the Movements
This is what democracy looks like!”, 38 min., 2002
Disobbedienti”, 54 min., 2002 (with Dario Azzellini)
What Would It Mean to Win?”, 40 min., 2008 (with Zanny Begg), French version

Screening 5: The Bolivarian Process (1)
Venezuela from Below”, 67 min., 2004 (with Dario Azzellini)
5 Factories–Worker Control in Venezuela”, 81 min., 2006 (with Dario Azzellini)

Screening 6: The Bolivarian Process (2)
Comuna Under Construction”, 94 min., 2010 (with Dario Azzellini), French version

Screening 7: Beyond Legality

Rote Zora”, 28 min., 2000
“Border Crossing Services”, 51 min., 2001 (with Martin Krenn)
“The Right of Passage”, 19 min., 2013 (with Zanny Begg)