Insurgent Flows.Thriving of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Queer and Trans Vitalities. White Topographies of Coercion and Emancipation.

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for the EXHIBITION OPENING 20.09.2023 | Wednesday, 19:00 with Bojan Đorđev and Siniša Ilić, action Overwhelmed Alexandra Gschiel, Social Kitchen Art Project Eva Ursprung, sound performance Artists: Marina Gržinić, Tjaša Kancler, Jovita Pristovšek, Jill H. Casid, Bojan Đorđev, Siniša Ilić Authors of the exhibition: Marina Gržinić, Tjaša Kancler, Jovita Pristovšek Curators: Anita Hofer, Eva Ursprung […]

KiG! Kultur in Graz Insurgent Flows.​ Exhibition

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The mixed-media installation Insurgent Flows. reflects on death and history after World War II. The wars of the present and recent past have entirely changed geopolitical relations. The capitalist imperial powers of the United States and its NATO allies, along with various regional powers, have destroyed Africa (Libya), the Middle East (Iraq), and Afghanistan with colonial appetites. Social and political space is disintegrating under the pressure of global capitalism. The recent “crises” fuel the perpetuation of the history of racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, sexism, and homo- and transphobia. They lead to a situation characterized by cruel erasure, displacement, discrimination, humiliation, and the denial of the rights of racialized people, migrant people, refugees, LGBTQI+ people, sex workers, and many others.

Insurgent Flows. Trans*Decolonial and Black Marxist Futures

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Insurgent Flows. Trans*Decolonial and Black Marxist Futures. Experimental-documentary video film: 90min Authors: Marina Gržinić and Tjaša Kancler Year: 2022 Conversations with: Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Basha Changuerra (CNAACAT), Bogdan Popa, Aigul Hakimova, Danijela Almesberger (LORI), Nat Raha, Piro Rexhepi and Ramón Grosfoguel Editing: Marina Gržinić, Jovita Pristovšek, Tjaša Kancler This experimental documentary film simultaneously focuses […]

Architectures and Spaces of Migration/ Architekturen und Räume der Migration

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Symposium at the Academy of Fine Arts in the context of the DFG network Entangled Histories of Art and Global Migration in cooperation with IG-Architecture The symposium Architectures and Spaces of Migration explores architectures and housing practices in the context of migration, exile and flight from an inter- and transdisciplinary perspective. Architecture and migration have […]

BUILDING NEW VOCABULARIES OF RESISTANCE. Screening, lectures, performative interventions

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The art-research project “Genealogy of Amnesia” (FWF-PEEK Project, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna) in cooperation with Österreichisches Filmmuseum andkulturen in bewegung, an initiative by VIDC, Vienna, announces a collaborative two days of screenings, lectures, performative lab situations onto the topic of evaluating film and video languages to oppose discrimination, epistemic violence, invisibilized realities, lost memories, and closed archives. The two days lab situations will be going on with filmmakers, curators, students, and the younger generation of film and video artists and Viennese activist communities. New film languages will be discussed through processes of changing established narratives and imperial knowledge.

Stories of Traumatic Pasts. Counter-Archives for Future Memories

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at Weltmuseum Wien 8 October 2020 to 3 April 2021 The exhibition Stories of Traumatic Pasts: Counter-Archives for Future Memories focuses on three European regions, their stories, and their current experiences of collective amnesia in relation to traumatic events from the past: Belgian colonial rule in the Congo, Austria after the “Anschluss” in 1938, and […]

Genealogy of Amnesia: Rethinking the Past for a New Future of Conviviality

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“Genealogy of Amnesia: Rethinking the Past for a New Future of Conviviality” is the title of an interdisciplinary, arts and theory based research project. It is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) through its Programme for Arts-based Research (PEEK). The project is led by Marina Gržinić and developed at the Studio of Conceptual Art (Post-Conceptual Art Practices), Institute for Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

The aim of “Genealogy of Amnesia: Rethinking the Past for a New Future of Conviviality” is to understand how processes of empowerment are built against the politics of collective forgetting and silence. The research is focussed on political, social, ideological, and cultural mechanisms that produce collective amnesia — such as antisemitism, racialization, political and economic dispossession, gender discrimination, or hegemonic nationalism.[…]

Suspicious, implicated agencies: gender mutants, decolonial transfeminist, militant filmmakers, radical theoreticians, migrant sex workers

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12.10.2018, Maribor

SCREENING PROGRAM curated by Marina Gržinić and Tjaša Kancler

This program focuses on gender multiple borders and sex as politics. The program puts under question the regime of Whiteness, EU politics of segregation and expulsion, hidden histories. It as well talks about work: to be an artist, theoretician and sex worker. How much resistance against exploitation, racism, dispossession, and misery these positions can produce? What are the forms of these resistances? A militant theater, performance, documentary, a burlesque or an intervention on the street, in the classroom?