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Theoretical Critical Horizons: Shifting Baselines

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Edited by Jovita Pristovšek and Marina Gržinić

Authors: Marina Gržinić, Tjaša Kancler, Aleksandar Kraus, Shkëlzen Maliqi, Anyely Marín Cisneros, Dragomir Olujić Oluja, Stanimir Panayotov, Jovita Pristovšek, Šefik Tatlic

Published as part of the Shifting Baselines, an international project by Goethe Institut, Association Nagib, and Austrian Cultural Forum


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by Marina Gržinić, Tjaša Kancler These days, the occident’s preoccupation is fatigue: tired of decolonizing universities, monuments, histories, and knowledge. But the white matrix of power is essentially working as a parasitic system: constantly sucking the lives, politics, and future  from the “others.” White racism identifies with denial, and this is a key strategy towards […]

Postcolonial and Postsocialist Dialogues. Intersections, Opacities, Challenges in Feminist Theorizing and Practice

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Edited By Redi Koobak, Madina Tlostanova, Suruchi Thapar-Björkert ISBN 9780367434403 Published March 23, 2021 by Routledge 282 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations Table of Contents >> Through staging dialogues between scholars, activists, and artists from a variety of disciplinary, geographical, and historical specializations, Postcolonial and Postsocialist Dialogues explores the possible resonances and dissonances between the postcolonial […]

Rasni kapitalizem. Intersekcionalnost spolnosti, bojev in mejnih teles

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Izšla številka ČKZ 2020, št. 281. V slovenščini, z angleškimi povzetki. Uredila: Tjaša Kancler in Marina Gržinić Journal for the Critique of Science, Imagination, and New Anthropology, entitled “Racial Capitalism. Intersectionality of Sexuality, Struggles and Bodies as Borders” (ČKZ, no.281, 2020, Ljubljana). Edited by Tjaša Kancler and Marina Gržinić Avtorice_ji/Authors: Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Irena Šumi, […]

Re-activating Critical Thinking in Contemporary Philosophy and Theory

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International colloquium Friday, 15 January 2021 From 15:00 to 19:30 Due to Covid Due to Covid 19 safety regulations, the event will take place online via ZOOM. The colloquium will be held in English. The topics of the colloquium are performativity, esthetics, politics, feminism, geopolitics, sexuality, trans*, decoloniality, technology, capital/ism, necropolitics, and racialization. We want […]

BUILDING NEW VOCABULARIES OF RESISTANCE. Screening, lectures, performative interventions

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The art-research project “Genealogy of Amnesia” (FWF-PEEK Project, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna) in cooperation with Österreichisches Filmmuseum andkulturen in bewegung, an initiative by VIDC, Vienna, announces a collaborative two days of screenings, lectures, performative lab situations onto the topic of evaluating film and video languages to oppose discrimination, epistemic violence, invisibilized realities, lost memories, and closed archives. The two days lab situations will be going on with filmmakers, curators, students, and the younger generation of film and video artists and Viennese activist communities. New film languages will be discussed through processes of changing established narratives and imperial knowledge.

Disentir la historia. Memorias decoloniales, memorias insumisas

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Talleres, mesas redondas, registros de audio, música y conferencias para reconocer y visibilizar las memorias plurales de Barcelona. Disentir la historia. Memorias decoloniales, memorias insumisas reúne colectivos y activistas anticoloniales y migrantes, comunidades religiosas, investigadores, escritores, docentes y artistas para debatir sobre el pasado, reconocer aquello vivido y reconstruir episodios invisibilizados de la memoria colectiva. […]

Decolonizing Queer Experience LGBT+ Narratives from Eastern Europe and Eurasia

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Edited by Emily Channell-Justice – Contributions by Feruza Aripova; Emily Channell-Justice; Vitaly Chernetsky; Tjasa Kancler; Polina Kislitsyna; Roman Leksikov; Janis Ozolins; Zhanar Sekerbayeva; Tamar Shirinian; Syinat Sultanalieva and Karlis Verdins

Decolonizing Queer Experience moves beyond discourses of oppression and repression to explore the resistance and resilience of LGBT+ communities who are remaking the post-socialist world; they refuse domination from local heteronormative expectations and from global LGBT+ movements that create and suggest limitations on possible LGBT+ futures.

Dialogues for the Future: Countering the Genealogy of Amnesia

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download book in pdf>> Dialogues for the Future: Countering the Genealogy of Amnesia Edited by Marina Gržinić and Šefik Tatlić In collaboration with Valerija Zabret, Jovita Pristovšek, Tjaša Kancler, and Sophie Uitz Centre for Cultural Decontamination CZKD, Belgrade, Serbia; Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria; Peek Project No. AR 439-G24/IBK, 2020 ISBN 978-86-88001-19-9 (CZKD) 312pp […]

Stories of Traumatic Pasts. Counter-Archives for Future Memories

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at Weltmuseum Wien 8 October 2020 to 3 April 2021 The exhibition Stories of Traumatic Pasts: Counter-Archives for Future Memories focuses on three European regions, their stories, and their current experiences of collective amnesia in relation to traumatic events from the past: Belgian colonial rule in the Congo, Austria after the “Anschluss” in 1938, and […]