Demonstration against the wall on the Serbian-Hungarian border

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Demonstration against the wall on the Serbian-Hungarian border: Join the NO BORDERS block at the demonstration!

Victor Orban’s administration annouced to build a four meter high wall along its 175 km long border with Serbia, supposedly to close off the border in the futile and cruel fight against “illegal” migration. Besides, they want to declare Serbia to be a “safe third country”, making it easier to deport back migrants that arrived that way.

On the 14th of July 2015 – starting at 18.30h in Nyugati square in Budapest – a protest is organised against the wall and against declaring Serbia as a “safe third country”. It looks like it will be a big protest: a lot of people are very angry and fed up with the increasingly repressive treatment migrants receive in Europe and with Orban’s fascist policies.

We are calling on all no borders activists; all people who believe borders are inherently injust tools for capital to control labour;
everyone who believes no human being is illegal, and that all have the right to freedom of movement and settlement; everyone who opposes the securitisation of borders and illegalisation of migrants, to JOIN US at the demonstration, and to form a no borders block, which unites in its rejection not only of the concrete wall in Hungary, but in the rejection of all barriers to freedom of movement and calls for opening all borders.

In Budapest, we will be opposing the construction of the wall, hightened border controls and deportations back to Serbia. The wall, were it to be constructed, would not “protect” anyone – indeed, it would put at greater risk precisely the group of people that it would attempt to exclude from entering the Hungarian territory. Walls, fences, and all other types and border controls can never stop people’s movement. People are resourceful and, especially when fleeing war, persecution, extreme poverty, and neoliberal forms of exploitation, always find a way to move and travel. Building walls, however, makes the journey much more dangerous, costly and possibly deadly.

While the wall is in direct opposition with the ideas, enshrined in the UN Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, which seeks to protect those fleeing persecution in their own country, we oppose the wall, as it is the extreme embodiment of the principles of the restrictive EU migration policies. While valid travel documents are required to enter “legally” into the EU, and these documents are virtually impossible to obtain for most of the people born in Africa, Asia, people have no choice but to travel “illegally”. The European migration policy thus creates illegality, but then also builds walls and erects border in order to supposedly “fight illegal migration” – the very illegality of which it has produced through its legislation and policy. We are opposing this wall because we believe border controls are injust, freedom of movement and settlement is everybody’s right and no human being should ever be declared “illegal”.

No human being is illegal! Freedom of movement for all! Documents for all, or all without documents! Solidarity with migrants everywhere!

In solidarity,
No Border Serbia collective