Decolonizing Queer Experience LGBT+ Narratives from Eastern Europe and Eurasia

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Edited by Emily Channell-Justice – Contributions by Feruza Aripova; Emily Channell-Justice; Vitaly Chernetsky; Tjasa Kancler; Polina Kislitsyna; Roman Leksikov; Janis Ozolins; Zhanar Sekerbayeva; Tamar Shirinian; Syinat Sultanalieva and Karlis Verdins

In Eastern Europe and Eurasia, LGBT+ individuals face repression by state forces and non-state actors who attempt to reinforce their vision of traditional social values. Decolonizing Queer Experience moves beyond discourses of oppression and repression to explore the resistance and resilience of LGBT+ communities who are remaking the post-socialist world; they refuse domination from local heteronormative expectations and from global LGBT+ movements that create and suggest limitations on possible LGBT+ futures. The chapters in this collection feature a multiplicity of LGBT+ voices, suggesting that no single narrative of LGBT+ experience in post-socialism is more representative or informative than another. This collection highlights the globally flexible, infinitely malleable notion of LGBT+ that counters Western hegemony in queer activism and communities.

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