BOOK PRESENTATION – Activating Critical Thinking in the Midst of Necropolitical Realities: For Radical Change

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INTRODUCTION: – Marina Gržinić – Jovita Pristovšek AUTHORS’ PRESENTATIONS: – 1. Liliana Conlisk Gallegos: The Coloniality of the Quotidian: A Transborder Perspective on the Matrix of Colonial Power and the Agents of Supremacy (The Everyone That Is No One) – 2. Nina Cvar: Transformations from Capitalist Realism to Brutalist Neoliberal Necrocapitalism: The Case of Slovenia in the Covid-19 Period – 3. Šefik Tatlić: Sociocide, Flesh, Progress – 4. Stanimir Panayotov: Death-for-Itself – 5. Lucrecia Masson Córdoba: Ruminant epistemology & Mondongo Exercise – 6. Tjaša Kancler: Trans* Films and Decolonization – 7. Saša Kesić: Serbian 2021 Necropolitical Realities: Top 3 CONCLUSION: – Marina Gržinić – Jovita Pristovšek You can order a book copy from Cambridge Scholars Publishing: