Journal Crisis and Critique #1

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DEMOCRACY AND REVOLUTION, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014
Edited by Henrik Jøker Bjerre & Agon Hamza

The first issue of the philosophical journal Crisis and Critique is now available. The first issue deals with Democracy and Revolutions. It is available online in PDF format:

We live in the time of crisis, even a double crisis: a crisis of the Left or Marxism, and a crisis of the capitalist mode of production itself. That is to say, on top of our list of current uncertainties – ideological, political and economic, we should add ‘theoretical’. We do not have a theory of the present. In this regard, the aim of this journal is to critically examine and comprehend not only the existing conjunctures, but also the possibilities of reinventing the idea of radical emancipation, under the name of Communism.