A genealogy of the practices of the present: A critique of the colonial feminist reason, coming from the historical experience in Latin America

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It is about responding to the key question, if we are to propose a genealogical method to be applied to the feminist field, then it translates into: How did we become the feminists who we are? What are the possible conditions that allowed feminism to believe in what it believes, to say what it says, to do what it does, in a region that is geopolitically determined by its status as a “third world” that drags along it the colonial trauma, as a condition of being what we are today…

Guest Lecture by Yuderkys Espinosa Miñoso organized by Marina Grzinic, Post Conceptual Study Program. Moderation after the lecture by Marissa Lobo. Translation from Spanish into English by Ronja Vogl.

21.06.2016, 19.00 h
Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Atelierhaus, Lehargasse 8, 1060 Wien, 1. OG Atelier Süd

Signal #2 – Writings on the freedom of movement

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Signal – Writings on the freedom of movement / Kirjoituksia liikkumisen vapaudesta is a multilingual (mostly ENG/FI) publication on migration issues published by the Free Movement Network Finland. It aims to provide a platform for critical, positional and activist knowledge on current border policies, migrant rights’ struggles and lived mobilities in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.