Art and Research: Shared methodologies. Politics and Translation

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Conferencia: Biopolitics and Necropolitics in relation to the Lacanian four discourses (Marina Grzinic)

The question today that stays for art and theory, the social and the political is the question of the social bond and our place inside it. Are we capable of action, critical analysis, resistance, or better to say insurgency? If yes, how? What is the social bond that structures neoliberal global capitalism? How to talk about ideology, subjectivities, power and life, if it is said that we live today in the world of the post-ideology, post-politics conditions. The lecture will try to rethink these questions and as well confront two conceptualizations of mode of life, on one side the biopolitical and necropolitical and on the other the Lacanian four discourses, in order to answer to the main question of our capacity to react and moreover change these present conditions of capital over-exploitation and dispossession.

Demo: February 16th – We demand our rights!

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We try to draw attention to this problem on an international scale. Each and every year, thousands of refugees die trying to flee to europe. The EU increased the budget of the anti-refugee border protection organisation Frontex tenfold – while savage austerity cuts in the member states are driving people to suicide by the thousands. On Februray 16th, we protest. In solidarity with the refugees in Austria and in the rest of the world. We make a stand against racism and right wing agitation with our international solidarity. Social problems can only be solved when we all have equal rights. Join the demonstration! Bring your family, friends and collegues! Equal rights for us all!